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The Eagle has Landed


A very gentle slope running down from south west to north east in a non-deciduous woodland area.


A general is inspecting our Alpine garrison's defences. His survival is crucial to the war effort. Enemy activity is reported to be high in the area and if realised, the general would make a good target of opportunity to any 'snatch squad'.


Defend the general's life at all costs. Secure him in one of the 20 or so buildings available, and hold to the last man !

Mission Execution

Sentry's have been doubled for this visit on four hour rotation. But the patrols have been cut down.

Service Support

Any artillery or air support has deemed to be too risky to the generals life.

Command and Signals

There shouldn't be any friendly forces coming in so report any contacts or strange occurrences immediately.
Password is Charlie Alpha Romeo Tango

Paintball Bristol Combat Game Zones

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The Eagle has Landed

Here are just a few games we have on offer at PAINTBALL BRISTOL

We are based in a HUGE woodland setting, with more Paintballing Combat game zones than ANY of our competitors – Your GUARANTEE of playing more varied Paintballing scenarios than available anywhere else in the Bristol area.

If you play for a Half Day Event you will play 7 zones or MORE or if you play for Full Day Event you will play 14 zones or MORE !!!


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