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Black Hawk Down


The area is on the eastern tip of mixed woodland. A gentle slope rises west to east.


A Sikorski medivac helicopter has been shot down behind enemy lines. It is believed that enemy forces immediately moved into the crash site area with vehicles. All crew are believed lost through enemy fire after the crash. It is needless to say that we cannot under any circumstances let the avionics fall into enemy hands.


Infiltrate the enemy forces around the helicopter, re-capture the onboard black box and make for pick up. If you find the black box inaccessible, place charges and booby-trap the area.

Mission Execution

Your team will be inserted to the east of the crash site. From there break through enemy positions to the crash site.
Remember - time is of the essence.

Service Support

A team from the 101st will be assisting keeping the pick-up point open.

Command and Signals

Strict radio silence must be kept throughout.

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Black Hawk Down

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