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Big Bridge - Hold Until Relieved


Located in a clearing in dense woodland. Valley walls to the east and west, with a small stream running south to north.


Holding a 100 foot-long Bridge, We are cut off from supply and low on ammo and troops. HQ reports a strong enemy force is forming in the village to the north. With the high strategic value of our position, the enemy will be wanting it. HQ is sending reinforcements in by foot but is doubtful they will arrive before the attack.


Hold the area - at all costs - until relieved.

Mission Execution

Spread out evenly within the solid walls. With the low ammo status, make every shot count and watch out for friendlies. If our position becomes overrun, fall back to the central tower for a final stand.

Service Support

Reinforcements should be arriving soon after the main attack starts.

Command and Signals

Command will stay in the tower throughout.
Password is Mike Uniform Foxtrot Charlie

Paintball Bristol Combat Game Zones

Big Bridge - Hold Until Relieved

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Here are just a few games we have on offer at PAINTBALL BRISTOL

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